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The day of arrival is charged as the first day.

Additional days are charged per calendar day and based on your pets sharing the same run. 

You are not charged for departure day if the collection is prior to 10 am

(please note we are not open on Sunday mornings for early departures)

All bookings require a $20 deposit within 48 hours to secure your booking, with the exception of Christmas and Easter where a 50% deposit is required.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get updates during my pet's stay?  

We upload photos regularly on our Facebook page during your pet's stay.

You are also welcome to email us if you would like individual updates, these will be answered during our office hours, Mon - Fri 8 am - 6 pm, Sat 10 am - 12 pm.


My pet is a fussy eater, what do you feed them?  

Guests have continual access to a generous supply of hay which is checked and refreshed at least twice a day.  We also give generous helpings of varieties of green, (a mixture of veggies, foraged leafy greens, herbs, and grass) twice a day, with the occasional treat of a small amount of apple or carrot.  We feed a small amount of Burgess pellets, these are sprinkled onto the hay or in treat puzzles to provide entertainment and encourage foraging for their food.


Does my rabbit have to be vaccinated?  

Yes, it is one of our conditions of entry to ensure that all our bunny boarders are healthy and protected and that they do not transmit calicivirus to one another.  Proof of up-to-date annual calicivirus vaccination is required (this is only for Rabbits, there are no vaccinations required for Guinea Pigs).  You will be turned away if a valid and up-to-date record has not been uploaded to your portal.

What do I need to bring with my pet?   

We provide everything your pets need for a comfortable stay.  You are welcome to bring anything from home you wish but please note we do not launder any of your bedding.  Please ensure all property is named before you arrive in case of mix-ups during cleaning.  We use Burgess dry food for our bunnies so if your pet is on a different dry food we suggest you bring a supply to avoid any tummy upsets.  

Do our pets mix with other guests?  

No never.  Our runs are next to each other so all guests enjoy each other's company but from a safe distance.  We can cover the sides of runs if you think your pets will be upset being able to see other animals.  Please advise us at the time of booking so we can ensure this is done prior to your arrival.

Can I board my rabbit or guinea pig if they are not desexed?   

Yes they may.   De-sexing is not a requirement for boarding at Elite Bunny Retreat since our boarders do not get into contact with one another. However, we strongly encourage you to de-sex your bunny or guinea pig for health and behavioural reasons, and most of all, to prevent accidental litters.  If entire males spray their enclosure the sides may be covered to protect other guests.

What happens if my rabbit gets sick while I am away? 

We treat every guest as if they are our own so it is important you let us know of any historic or ongoing conditions so we look out for them and react accordingly.   Despite the best of care, pets do become sick from time to time.  In the unfortunate instance, your fur baby becomes unwell while in our care we will always try to contact you (or your emergency contact) to discuss, but in an emergency, we may have to take the pet to the vet immediately.  Our preferred rabbit-savvy vet is Brendon at Kelburn Vets, but we will endeavour to get to your own registered vet if possible.  You will need to arrange payment directly with your veterinarian, or the after-hours if necessary.

What if I want to pick up / drop off outside your hours?  

All out-of-hours pick-ups or drop-offs will incur an additional charge.  As we live on-site we try to work our schedule to fit in with you as much as we can, but do appreciate that you also please respect our privacy and family time. 

(Please note check-in/check-outs are strictly not possible between the hours of 10 am Saturday to 4 pm Sunday and from 8 pm to 7 am everyday)

What if I need to cancel my booking? 

We understand and appreciate that plans can change at short notice, however, as we are a small facility due to limited space we do often have to turn away clients when we are full so we do rely on our clients committing to their bookings.  As such for our peak periods of Christmas / Easter, we require a minimum of 7 days notice of any cancellations.  All cancellations within this period will be liable for up to 50% of their booking fee.  For all other periods, we have a minimum requirement of 48 hours notice. 

If we have the ability to fill your space we will waive the cancellation fee.  

Once your booking has commenced if you decide to drop off later, or pick up earlier, than your booked days, there is no refund/credit or transfer for any unused days.

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Dwarf Rabbit


- Delux Elite Run -

$28 - 1 rabbit

$35 - 2 rabbits

$5 for each additional rabbit

- Elite Run -

$23 - 1 rabbit

$30 - 2 rabbits

$5 for each additional rabbit

- Guinea Pig Run -

$18 - 1 guinea pig

$23 - 2 guinea pigs

$5 for each additional guinea pig

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Frequently Asked Quesions
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